CleverDog Standard Camera - DUOPACK

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The perfect WiFi baby monitor and security camera!

Cleverdog Smart Wifi camera with sound and night vision.

  • Live video anytime and from anywhere;
  • Possibility to record the images;
  • Built-in microphone and speaker;
  • With motion detection;
  • Night vision;
  • The camera comes with a cable and adapter.
The Smart Wifi Security Camera is the perfect baby monitor, but can also be used as a security camera and communication tool. You connect the advanced camera to your smartphone, tablet or iPad, where you can then view the images live. The Smart Wifi can also be used to communicate through the built-in speaker. You can view the images through the special (free) app: Clever Dog or Doby. It is also possible to save the video images by providing the camera with an SD card.
Do the children stay home alone for the first time or do you want to keep an eye on the garden or garage. This is no problem with this motion camera from Cleverdog. You can set the Cleverdog in such a way that you receive a signal when it detects movements. (buzz, siren, and even a barking dog) In addition, photos (3x) and a short video are also made. You do need a memory card for the video.


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