Cleverdog Panorama

Now available the Cleverdog Panorama WiFi Camera

The Cleverdog Panorama WiFi camera, o nly optical lens 3.6 mm - 1/3 inch, 1280 x 960

After the success of the Cleverdog WiFi camera has now cleverdog with panorama view

The lens has a field of view of 180 ° and an angle of 165 ° along the diagonal. The 960P HD lens provides a 360 ° wide angle and records the area without blind spots. With the Cleverdog Panorama camera, it is possible to see a space at one time. With one click on the screen (1, 2 x zoom) the picture may move vertically or horizontally 165 °. To record images can be used heheugenkaartje up to 128 GB micro SD card. Price € 43.95.

Cleverdog panorama

ICR (infrared Cult Filter Removal) IR filter auto-switch system.