Privacy Policy

Information we collect through our website are only intended for use by Cleverdogcamera themselves and are never made ​​available to third parties.

Our website uses various online forms that allow visitors, for example, request a quote or general information. The use of information requested and submitted via this form to contact us to fulfill the submitted request. The data can be stored in its customer relationship management system, but will never be used by Cleverdogcamera for further unsolicited approach.

Visitors can sign up at this website in different ways to our e-mail newsletter. This always requires a conscious action of the visitor, if we get an email address for example, through one of our online forms, we will not automatically placed on the mailing list for our email newsletter unless the visitor has given explicit permission . When a visitor registers for our email newsletter, he or she may at any time with one click unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link in our special newsletter.